I’m David Lancefield. As a catalyst, strategist and coach, I help leaders transform themselves and their organisations.

Take a look around

The last few months have turned our world upside down, and if we’re honest, most of us are figuring out what it means and what we do next.

During the crisis, some companies experimented at pace and at scale, and will want to build on that momentum. Others are looking to restructure, rebuild and reinvent their business, using the crisis as a catalyst to pursue untapped opportunities and tackle long-standing issues.

And let’s not forget the immediate and longer-term implications of megatrends – the climate crisis, global inequality, technology disruption, polarisation, mistrust and ageing populations.

This is the time for leaders to stand up and be counted

Finding a way through this complexity, uncertainty, volatility and fragility requires leaders who are motivated, authentic and highly capable.

It’s a big ask. It’s both stimulating and daunting. How do you resist the temptation to make snap decisions when under such pressures? How do you transcend your fears and work out the best way forward? How do you collate, filter and act on vast quantities of information? How do you work through bureaucracy to create the dynamism and space to innovate? And how do you develop strategies for the long-term whilst managing immediate challenges?

The confidence to achieve exceptional outcomes

I help you take a leap forward in your thinking — usually at critical moments, for example at the beginning of your tenure, when under pressure from the Board, searching for growth opportunities, facing off against a strong competitor or looking to transform your business.

I help you define a brighter future, prioritise what’s important and identify what you need to change, translating that strategic intent into experiments, organisational changes and everyday activities.

You come away being able to see a clear path through the complexity or the crisis to the opportunity, generating much more value for yourself and your organisation.

This leaves you feeling clear, capable, confident and energised. Exceptional, in fact. It leaves your organisation empowered by a clearer sense of purpose, and a greater degree of autonomy, diversity, transparency, and a willingness to experiment, free from the norms, fears and behaviours that hold them back. Transformed!

I’m fascinated with finding novel, disruptive and practical ways to deliver exceptional performance for the leader and their organisation.

Putting your head, heart and soul into leadership

A client once said that I understand the soul of an organisation.

I’m fascinated by what makes people tick and I care deeply about the potential to change peoples’ lives for the better. And when I bring my imagination, intuition and intellect to the table, I find the leaders I work with do the same.

And we generate even more transformational thinking and a greater commitment to action when I add my experience of working with more than 35 CEOs, leading 500 client engagements and my 14 years of experience as a partner in PwC.

I’m proud to help transform people’s lives

Some of the work I’m proudest of is:

  • Developing and implementing innovative strategies for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Virgin Media that have been central to their success.
  • Securing £1bn in state aid to support the restructuring of Royal Mail prior to privatisation.
  • Securing lower bills for water customers at the end of an 18-month review, after reviewing £65bn of company investments.
  • Designing ten ground-breaking policies for governments and regulators that have had a positive impact on the lives of citizens and consumers.
  • Leading businesses and client accounts in PwC, transforming their scale, profitability, distinctiveness and diversity.

And I’m most proud of the relationships I’ve developed and sustained over the years – and the many talented women and men I’ve helped to become even more successful.

My passion and purpose

My mum, Sheila, transformed the lives of many people in our community as a teacher and school governor; in fact, she continues to do so in her voluntary roles long into her so-called retirement! She did this (and does this) by listening, being generous, daring to dream and demanding the best from people. Inspirational. I carry her beliefs and principles, with me.

I want to have the same impact on leaders. These are the very individuals that have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to change people’s lives for the better — tackling the big challenges facing business, the environment and society. I want to help them build the confidence, resilience and capability to make those changes. By helping in this way, I can say that I’ve played my part.

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