We need to aim high to reach our true potential.

The tricky questions

You face complexity, uncertainty, opportunity — day in, day out. Scrutiny from employees, customers and stakeholders. And then there’s you, with your own aspirations and fears.

This begs some tricky questions:

  • How do you resist the temptation to make snap decisions to fix the problem but don’t address the underlying causes across the organisation?
  • How can you best integrate multiple, diverse perspectives to develop services, products and experiences that reflect the expectations and experiences of the customer base and employees?
  • How do you transcend your fears, having the courage to challenge the status quo especially in the behaviours of those closest to you, whilst not exhausting yourself?
  • How do you establish the mechanisms to collate, filter and present vast quantities of information and insight — about your organisation and your context (industry, ecosystems, society) — and then work out when to act on it?
  • How do you cut through bureaucracy to create the dynamism and space to innovate — starting with you and your leadership team?
  • How do you develop a strategy that helps you win in the medium term — delivering your purpose and profit — whilst addressing the immediate challenges?

It’s exhilarating. And daunting. Necessary, if you’re striving to build an organisation that’s extraordinary.

The six essentials

Your mastery of these elements is fundamental to our work together, whatever your situation.


To understand yourself (through self-reflection, feedback) and those around you. To identify weak signals in your context. To ask smart questions. And listen attentively. To invest in lifelong learning.


To try new ways of thinking, exploring, doing. Use your imagination to dream up new, original ways to address customers’ needs and create the best possible place to work.


To be clear on your identity, intent, what you say, and what you stand for. Avoid ambiguity, build relationships on mutual understanding.


To have the fortitude to tackle issues, call out bad behaviours, make bold moves and to stay the course when the odds are stacked against you.


To align your words to actions, vision to tactics, strategy with culture, resources to priorities, your professional and personal selves.


To practise self-care so you’re in the best shape to make decisions and treat people with respect; the same goes for care and compassion for your teams, customers and stakeholders.


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