Release the potential

Discovering the absolute best for you and your organisation.

My philosophy

I believe passionately that people can do amazing things, whatever their starting point. It just takes self-reflection, a healthy dose of grit and resilience and a growth mindset. Just that.

My role is to help you discover the absolute best — and beyond — for yourself and your organisation. I’ll bring my energy, curiosity, ideas, experience, warmth and candour. As one mentor said to me — if you’re feeling comfortable throughout a journey, you’re not trying hard enough — so expect to be challenged, with care.

I may call out some home truths and find some blind spots. I will switch gears, and styles, as appropriate; directive, bold one moment, reflective and facilitative the next. But I’m always attentive, listening carefully to what you’re saying (and not saying), and I’m thinking hard, often from different (and lateral) perspectives — macro to micro, external to internal, radical to incremental.

We’ll move where we need to, rather than following some pedestrian, prescriptive process just for the sake of it.

My approach

My approach uses six elements. The starting point, and sequence, varies; we’ll move to where we need to go, rather than follow a pedestrian, prescriptive process.

Identity — and outcomes

Defining your end game and the way you want to show up.

Challenges — and causes

Working out the source of the problem or the nature of opportunity in granular detail.

Choices — and trade-offs

Finding clarity on the choices in front of you and the trade-offs you have to work through – whether strategic, organisational or personal.

Exploration — and experiments

Creating new hypotheses, ideas and solutions that you can experiment with to see if they work and if they’re worth it.

Scaling — and sustaining

Creating the formats to turn experiments into scalable activities and putting in place the resources and incentives to sustain them.

Legacy — and space

Working out what to leave behind to create the space for the new and what to retain as a source of strength.

I typically work with a select number of executives in a six-month coaching engagement, a half-day catalyst session or a discrete strategy project.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss working together.


I work with a range of people who can provide additional expertise that will help you achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

This includes a psychologist, a personal stylist, a talent agent, a financial coach and communication specialists. I also have strong relationships with management consultancies, investment banks and law firms.

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