Making it happen

It’s my job to help you imagine and achieve great things — far more than you thought you were capable of.


Typically, I work with leaders who are:

  • Starting a new role – looking to get off to a good start and make the best possible impact during (and after) their tenure.
  • Transitioning between roles.
  • Facing critical strategic and/or organisational decisions.
  • Looking to reinvigorate and grow their business.
  • Dealing with a challenging leadership team (a lack of cohesion, interest or pull-through).
  • Facing a lucrative opportunity (a partnership, new IP or a deal).
  • Engaging with a challenging set of stakeholders (the board, investors or regulators).
  • Looking to improve their capability and impact in a specific area (strategic thinking or presence in the boardroom).
  • Wanting to create a more diverse, inclusive, higher performing culture.

I give leaders the space to reflect and the encouragement to dream.

Illustrative outputs

  • A blueprint for a new purpose, strategy, organisational design, transformation programme – that can then be developed or implemented by an in-house team or firm of consultants.
  • A critique of leadership team dynamics, strategy, programme plan – with clear, actionable recommendations for improvement.
  • A prioritised set of innovation and growth initiatives to accelerate.
  • A personal action plan and resources. And a belief and willingness to turn words into actions.

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