Creating a memorable moment that empowers people to take action.

My style and approach

I want the audience to remember the moment — the energy, the perspective, and most importantly, how they were inspired to think differently. Then they should feel able, and empowered, to get up and do something with that inspiration.

People say that I make a connection with the audience, right from the off. I use stories, personal experiences, case studies, research and statistics to substantiate the points I make and I always leave a clear call-to-action. I’m told that I’m energetic, warm with a sense of gravitas and even humorous. I was rated as one of the top speakers in the global PwC network, sought after by top clients and colleagues.

I invest the time to good briefing on what you’re looking for (outcomes, experience, content and style) and then I immerse myself in preparation before delivering on the day, whether virtually or in person. I share references and action points — and I’m available to discuss the topic afterwards, too.

Sample topics

  • Becoming the transformative company.
  • Pivotal or problematic? The role of ecosystems in growth strategy.
  • Strategic leadership.
  • Creating digital DNA or bionic Goliath: four ways leaders can pursue strategic innovation.
  • Artificial intelligence: a catalyst for organizational reinvention?
  • The vicissitudes of leadership and life (leadership transitions).
  • Humans at the heart of strategic execution.
  • Crisis or catalyst? Applying strategic thinking to your career.

Do get in touch if you’d like to schedule a talk or discuss a customised presentation.

My speaking roles

  • Keynote presenter (virtual or in person)
  • Conference chair
  • Executive workshop facilitator
  • Podcast host/interviewer

We’re in the midst of a workplace revolution — we expect more trust, transparency, empowerment, responsibility and experimentation.


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