A few of the organisations that have invited me to speak or chair discussions.

Valerie Hughes d’Aeth

Former HR Director, BBC

“David presented to our BBC HR leadership group, setting out what it takes to transform the workplace in the context of disruptive change. He used a fascinating set of case studies from other organisations, references to the latest academic research and his own experience to stimulate our thinking. He left us feeling positive at the prospect of taking on the challenge.”

Theresa Wise

CEO, Royal Television Society

“David Lancefield is experienced and insightful about our industries and combines this with empathy and emotional intelligence. It makes him a terrific chair for panels or fireside chats and I would thoroughly recommend him as a great listener and advisor in the boardroom.”

Elayne Phillips

Head of Communications , Government Shared Services

“David kindly delivered a fascinating and engaging session for a large, senior cross-government audience. He researched and tailored the content, made it inspiring and thought-provoking and stimulated a great delegate discussion. He sprinkled humour throughout and kept it upbeat, real and relevant. He was both a pleasure to work with and a modern professional through and through.”

David Matthews

President, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

“David presented his expectations of the economic and business trends over the coming decade and, most importantly, what these might mean for the ICAEW as the institute’s council set out to consider our forward strategy. Using a range of examples and illustrations, he challenged some of the more traditional views of the ICAEW’s positioning in the future and how we might think differently about the challenges and opportunities which will arise. Overall it was a thoroughly engaging session.”

Isabel Fernandez-Mateo

Adecco Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School

“David has been a guest speaker in my class several times, with fantastic results. He has helped my students think carefully about their transitions to leadership roles. David provides both insightful ideas and practical tools, combined with unique personal stories that bring the topic to life. The audience is always challenged to think deeper about how growing as a leader can make a meaningful difference in other people’s lives.”

Mhorag Doig

Mhorag Doig

Executive Career Lead (Alumni), Careers Centre, LBS

“His session on ‘Navigating career setbacks’ was engaging, informative and most importantly practical — with tips and actions to put into practice immediately. His use of storytelling really brings the content to life and he interacts with the audience in a way that makes his session feel more like a coaching conversation than a Zoom webinar. He encourages the perfect blend of strategic thinking and self-reflection to support our alumni in taking ownership of their careers, in a way that works for them.”

Penny Triantafillou

Penny Triantafillou

Business Development Manager, Warwick Business School

“He captivated us all by starting out strong. He shared an example of a high-flying executive who was ‘wearing a mask’, who woke up one day ‘frozen, in a trance’, realising she could no longer function the same way. We could all see elements of ourselves in that story. David truly encouraged the audience to ask questions, to engage and think, with comments such as ‘fresh perspectives’ and ‘deep and insightful conversations’, and take action. Participants later got in touch to tell us they have. They are re-thinking, re-learning, re-inventing.”

Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson

Careers Manager, Warwick Business School

“It is very hard not to listen to David — he communicates in a clear, engaging manner, bringing a fresh perspective on this increasingly important topic of resilience! He shared 10 great questions that we and our organisations should be asking in order to take a fresh look around us. David engaged the audience well, encouraging questions and discussion — I have had great feedback since the event from some of our Executive MBA students saying how refreshed and empowered they now feel to take action, especially with regard to self-care.”

Trevor Pryer

Javier Sevilla

Founder & CEO, NovareQ

“David guided a group of heads of strategy, from some of the largest companies in their industry in Mexico, through the fascinating world of how to connect culture and strategy in an inspiring and challenging session. He made us feel the struggles of the C-level, and the leaders of strategy and human resources trying to connect both worlds, in such a way that it immediately resonated with all the participants. It was not just another session, he challenged us to take the first steps to reconcile them in order to make the strategy happen.”

Trevor Pryer

Josh Dye

Josh Dye, President & Founder, Convene Training + Resilience Community

“David presented ‘How to stay cool when you are put on the spot’ to our group of non-profit organisations and health and human services professionals. He provided practical, actionable tips that viewers could use right away, presented in an engaging fashion, and answered impromptu questions from the audience with ease. As a bonus, he was thorough in preparing for the event, and easy to work with too!”


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