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Looking below the surface of leadership, strategy and culture.

I love creating a fresh, simple perspective on topics that are complex, even misunderstood, in a way that leaders can then use in their day job. I write about strategic innovation, digital ecosystems, leadership, culture and inclusion. I’ve worked with some wonderful co-authors such as Professor Dan Cable, Dorie Clark, Art Kleiner and Professor Costas Markides.

I’ve been published by:

Here’s a selection of my articles


Harvard Business Review (November 2020)

Harvard Business Review (November 2020)

Strategy+Business (November 2020)

Strategy Tools report Strategy Tools in Action (September 2020)

Strategy+Business (September 2020)

Strategy+Business (July 2020)

Harvard Business Review (June 2020)

Harvard Business Review (May 2020)


Strategy+Business (November 2019)

Harvard Business Review (November 2019)

Strategy+Business (October 2019)

Strategy+Business (April 2019)

Financial Times (January 2019)


Strategy+Business (November 2018)

Strategy+Business (October 2018)


On parental leave for part of 2017.

Strategy+Business (May 2017)


Strategy+Business (November 2016)

Harvard Business Review (September 2016)

Huffington Post (June 2016)


Huffington Post (November 2015)

Harvard Business Review (April 2015), with Carlo Gagliardi


Strategy+Business (December 2014)

Strategy+Business (July 2014)

Huffington Post (April 2014)

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